Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

Because they have bc 25t crew to train while making credits.

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

In the tank purchase menu Depending how much gold is available on your account, the tank available for the exchange may be displayed in two different ways: The tank can be exchanged. There is enough gold.

There is not enough gold. Once you have decided, simply right-click on the vehicle and choose Purchase or Trade-in. By default, the list of tanks eligible for trade-in is arranged by the amount of gold they would deduct from the price.

The list also features eligible vehicles that are currently unavailable for the exchange in battle, not repaired, in a platoon.

Clicking on them will reveal more info about their status. The trade-in menu also offers the usual actions, such as adding basic ammunition, crew training, etc.

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

Important to Remember The trade-in feature will be available from 09 May at You can trade-in only vehicles that are of lower or equal Tier to the vehicle you are purchasing, but not lower than Tier VI. You can trade-in only one vehicle per transaction.

The gold worth of vehicles may be affected by active discounts on premium tanks. Ammunition, Equipment, and Consumables loaded on the vehicle that is being traded in will be automatically dismounted and placed in the Depot for free.

As they are vehicle-bound, you will be able to use them again only if you get the tank again in the future. Tanks used for trade-in cannot be restored with the Restore functionality.>> it is a very strong scout killer,combing its derp for detracking and damage with its heavy weight you can generally just derp and ram most scouts to instantly kill them,without taking much in return I even rammed a S perishing for damage to kill it .

Is this shit supposed to be the "AMX 13/"?

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

I grinded the Lorraine when it was a tier 8 and I don't miss it one bit. CDC though I don't remeber wether it was cheap or not because it's basically a medium with a good gun, preferential MM, and just enough armor that HE doesn't do much (unlike CDCs which get fucking rekt by HE/HEP/HESH.

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