An analysis of the coast of somalia

Prehistory Neolithic rock art at the Laas Geel complex depicting a long-horned cow. Somalia has been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic. During the Stone Age, the Doian and Hargeisan cultures flourished here.

An analysis of the coast of somalia

Somali pirates demand ransom for Saudi tanker 19 Nov A coalition of warlords then destroyed the central government and razed large areas of the capital, Mogadishu.

An American-led military intervention designed to restore order began in But this venture came to a humiliating end the following year when US troops fought militias in the streets of Mogadishu, killing hundreds and losing 18 of their number in battles later immortalised by the film "Black Hawk Down".

That searing chapter effectively ended the prospect of international intervention to rebuild Somalia. Sincethe country has been divided into a patchwork of fiefdoms, fought over by warlords. The fundamental cause of the conflict lies in Somalia's bitter clan rivalries.

Elsewhere in Africa, countries are divided by tribe. In Somalia, by contrast, almost all of the 9. They are ethnic Somalis, sharing a common language and loyalty to Islam. But they are all divided into clans, for example the Hawiye and the Darod.

In turn, these large umbrella groups are divided into scores of sub-clans who are then split between hundreds of sub-sub-clans. These groups, each led by a warlord, fight for the scarce resources of an arid country.

They form complex alliances, which are made and broken with bewildering speed. Outside factors have made this situation still more explosive.


Radical Islamists have clearly identified Somalia as a target for expansion. Inan extremist group styling itself the Union of Islamic Courts captured Mogadishu and briefly controlled most of southern Somalia. The possible birth of a radical Islamist state in East Africa alarmed America and her regional allies, notably Ethiopia, which shares a 1,mile border with Somalia.

In DecemberEthiopia invaded Somalia and captured Mogadishu. After overthrowing the Islamist regime, Ethiopia installed Somalia's internationally recognised government in Mogadishu.

This threadbare administration has almost no control of the capital, let alone the rest of the country. Abdullahi Yusuf, a septuagenarian warlord, holds the official title of "president of Somalia".

In fact, he is the besieged mayor of a few quarters of Mogadishu. Mr Yusuf's popular standing is undermined by his dependence on Ethiopian military muscle.

Moreover, he is a Darod, while most of Mogadishu's people are Hawiyes. Mr Yusuf's militias, aided by Ethiopian forces, have destroyed much of the city while fighting a strong insurgency. Elsewhere in Somalia, two independent enclaves have emerged — Somaliland in the north and Puntland in the centre.

Somaliland has achieved a measure of stability, while Puntland has become a global centre of piracy. Unless there is a successful rescue mission, the Sirius Star may find itself anchored off the coast of Puntland.

Thanks to Somalia's anarchy, this lawless mini-state has effectively become a pirate kingdom.The first three months of saw piracy attacks worldwide hit an all time high, largely driven by piracy off the coast of Somalia.

(U) The Piracy Analysis and Warning Weekly (PAWW) Report provides a review of incidents and an outlook on the threat to merchant shipping in or near the Gulf of Aden and off the East coast of Somalia .

Industry Analysis: Fishing in Somaliland | 5 boat, and continuing with each individual who comes into contact with the fish prior to There are clear risks on the seas off the coast of Somalia. Piracy, while diminishing due to international efforts, brings with it hazards for fishing vessels.

There have been instances of.

An analysis of the coast of somalia

A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF BRITAIN’S RESPONSE AND EFFECTIVENESS TO PIRACY OFF THE SOMALIA COAST Malemo Juma Silas A research Project Submitted in Partial Fulfilment for the award of Master of Arts Degree. Somalia has several islands and archipelagos on its coast, including the Bajuni Islands and the Saad ad-Din Archipelago.

The Jubba River In the north, a scrub-covered, semi-desert plain referred as the Guban lies parallel to the Gulf of Aden initiativeblog.comcy: Somali shilling (SOS). Somalia: Analysis of a failed state Unless there is a successful rescue mission, the Sirius Star may find itself anchored off the coast of Puntland.

Thanks to Somalia's anarchy, this lawless.

An analysis of the coast of somalia
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