Electronic recycling business plan

Environmental Protection Agency study. By this estimate, only 18 percent of these common electronics were recycled. The rest ended up in landfills. This is where an electronic recycling company comes to the rescue.

Electronic recycling business plan

Print E-waste, a source of generating resources: The e-waste is nothing but the unused electronics resulted due to various reasons. This e-waste would include items like Television sets, Radio, Computers, Mobile phones, telephones etc.

These products, when run out of its use create a lot of issues in the safeguarding of environment. As a result, these e-wastes are recycled to form a new product.

This will also help us to preserve resources which is lacking in the current world. The e-waste is recycled so as to give a brand new product. The demand for the e-waste recycling business: There is a high demand for recycling of business in India, especially for the electronic waste.

The disposal of the waste includes the electronic waste and the percentage of this range to more than seventy percent respectively. It is a huge market that is available for the business of recycling e-waste.

Learning terms of the business: Before you start a business to know about the outline of the same becomes very important. Hence, visit the recycling business houses to know about the losses that they occur.

This will give you a fair idea in running the business. There would be more opportunities that are required to be dug through in the process and each experience of learning is an opportunity. Steps undertaken to start up the recycling of e-waste: The first step taken to start the recycling of e-waste in India would include the analyzing factor of the business run at large.

Planning comes into picture here. Complete market research is important before starting any business and hence, here also the same procedure has to be applied.

A Sample E-Waste Recycling Business Plan Template

Do a survey on the e-waste management so that a plan is formulated in this regard. The details such as the acquiring of the e-waste, machinery used for recycling and the employees being appointed and most importantly, the budget required for the business are required to be pooled in accordingly.

It is required to obtain license from the authority in the city and apply for registration at the Small Scale Industries Unit. Both are equally important to run the business on legal basis. Also the list includes that of pollution control board, whose acceptance is also necessary in this regard.

Segregation of the useful from the useless: The second step would be to develop the process of separating the useful waste from the useless so that the same could be again furbished into the useful product.

electronic recycling business plan

The sections where the useful waste will have to be delivered should be decided. In this regard there has to be procedures met before the start up of the business. This would include getting the NOC from the places that are close to the location. The machinery required for the business would be the belt of conveyer, also the tube of cathode ray.

Safe measure adopted to run the business: The contents of the e-waste are toxic materials like led, mercury. This would affect the health of the people working in the environment as this one.

Starting an eWaste Recycling Plant – Sample Business Plan Template

Hence, it is important for you to safeguard the health of the employees in order to have a smooth running of the business.The demand for the e-waste recycling business: There is a high demand for recycling of business in India, especially for the electronic waste.

The disposal of the waste includes the electronic waste and the percentage of this range to more than seventy percent respectively. Also, it is very profitable if you reuse the good parts of such electronic waste. You can turn this into a business venture.

The business of recycling E-waste can help you get a number of materials from them, instead of throwing then directly into incinerators, you can recycle them to acquire the useful materials and then further recycle the unusable parts.

The electronics recycling business is becoming increasingly important as volumes of e-waste continue to grow, setting the stage for the growth of that industry.

The huge growth of consumer electronics has led to an ever-expanding surge of end-of-life electronics that must be recycled.

7. Advertise your business by creating a website, distributing handouts and posting ads in the newspapers. As a final note, the most important thing to consider when starting a waste recycling business is the costs and fees involved with the business. to pursue plans for starting an electronics recycling business, before writing a business plan. For purposes of this section, a supplier is a source of electronic . Ewaste recycling business plan. E-waste is now becoming one of the major mushrooming issues that global environment is presently facing. There are various ngos and government organizations like centre for science and environment that are in research about e-waste and environment pollution.

More than just trash, this material can be an environmental and health hazard. Business Plan prepared by Ashutosh, Aliya, Andres, Marc, Alessio, Cristina and Ignacio, MBA students. View More A Short Presentation on Business Plan for E-waste recycling 5/5(5). Electronics donation and recycling is a great way to help conserve resources and natural materials.

It is important to make sure you are donating and/or recycling electronics safely and correctly. The current business plan calculates revenues and costs for material recycling of e-waste on- ly. In many cases it could make sense to establish the recycling facility together with a refur-.

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