For god home and the native land

It has been noted that the opening theme of "O Canada" bears a strong resemblance to the "March of the Priests" from the opera The Magic Flutecomposed in by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

For god home and the native land

It has been noted that the opening theme of "O Canada" bears a strong resemblance to the "March of the Priests" from the opera The Magic Flutecomposed in by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

For god home and the native land

History Adolphe-Basile Routhier c. At that time, the "Chant National", also by Routhier, was popular amongst Francophones as an anthem, [11] while " God Save the Queen " and " The Maple Leaf Forever " had, sincebeen competing as unofficial national anthems in English Canada.

The competition was won by Mercy E. Powell McCulloch, but her version never gained wide acceptance. Prime Minister Lester B.

Inthe Prime Minister advised Governor General Georges Vanier to appoint the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons on the National and Royal Anthems; the group first met in February and, [14] within two months, on April 12,presented its conclusion that "O Canada" should be designated as the national anthem and " God Save the Queen " as the royal anthem of Canada, [1] one verse from each, in both official languagesto be adopted by parliament.

The group was then charged with establishing official lyrics for each song. For "O Canada", the Robert Stanley Weir version of was recommended for the English words, with a few minor changes: This change was controversial with traditionalists and, for several years afterwards, it was not uncommon to hear people still singing the old lyrics at public events.

In contrast, the French lyrics are unchanged from the original version. Where pines and maples grow. Great prairies spread and lordly rivers flow. How dear to us thy broad domain, From East to Western sea. Thou land of hope for all who toil!

For god home and the native land

Thou True North, strong and free! Chorus God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. Beneath thy shining skies May stalwart sons, and gentle maidens rise, To keep thee steadfast through the years From East to Western sea. Our own beloved native land! Our True North, strong and free!

Chorus Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer, Hold our Dominion within thy loving care; Help us to find, O God, in thee A lasting, rich reward, As waiting for the better Day, We ever stand on guard.

Chorus The first verse is the same. The other verses follow. He was born of a proud race, Blessed was his birthplace. Heaven has noted his career In this new world. Always guided by its light, He will keep the honour of his flag, He will keep the honour of his flag.

From his patron, the precursor of the true God, He wears the halo of fire on his brow. Enemy of tyranny He wants to keep in harmony, His proud freedom; And by the effort of his genius, Set on our ground the truth, Set on our ground the truth.

Sacred love of the throne and the altar, Fill our hearts with your immortal breath!

For God And Home And Native Land

Among the foreign races, Our guide is the law: Let us know how to be a people of brothers, Under the yoke of faith. And repeat, like our fathers, The battle cry: Laws and etiquette The National Anthem Act specifies the lyrics and melody of "O Canada", placing both of them in the public domainallowing the anthem to be freely reproduced or used as a base for derived works, including musical arrangements.

When it is performed at an event, traditional etiquette is to either start or end the ceremonies with the anthem, including situations when other anthems are played, and for the audience to stand during the performance. Civilian men usually remove their hats, while women and children are not required to do so.

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