Fundamental rights and duties of indian citizens essay writer

Select Page Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens Essay India is a democratic country where its citizens live freely however they have lots of rights and responsibilities towards their country. Rights and responsibilities are two sides of a coin and both go side to side. If we have rights we must have their corresponding responsibilities too. Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand with us where we live in whatever home, society, village, state, or country.

Fundamental rights and duties of indian citizens essay writer

They are like two sides of a same coin. In India 40 years after independence it was felt that there was a definite need to make the people more conscious of their duties towards the nation.

In February the Swaran Singh committee was established for suggesting constitutional reforms. In its report published in Maythis committee recommended, the incorporation of fundamental duties of the people of India.

Accepting this recommendation of the committee, the parliament passed the 42nd amendment act and by it introduced a new part, part IVA, in the constitution. Article 51A was added to describe the fundamental duties of the citizen. In our struggle for freedom from British rule, we were guided by the ideals of liberty, equality, unity, justice, fraternity, brotherhood, peace and non-violence.

It is the fundamental duty of all citizens to respect and follow these values of our freedom.

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State protects and enforces the rights and freedoms of the people. Consequently it becomes the supreme duty of all the People to Preserve, protect and defend the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

Who lives if India dies and who dies if India lives. To defend the motherland and to do national service is a sacred and constitutional duty of every citizen of India.

fundamental rights and duties of indian citizens essay writer

Indian society is a society characterized by religious, cultural, linguistic and regional diversities. However, along with these there is present an inner emotional and psychological unity of the people of India.

The greatest need of the society is to preserve and strengthen the unity in diversity. India has very rich cultural heritage. In order to make the new generation of Indians conscious of Indians past glory and rich heritage, the constitution lays down he fundamental duty af all citizens of value, preserve and protect our composite culture.

Realizing fully the need to protect our natural environment from pollution the constitution makes it a fundamental duty of the citizens to protect and improve the natural environment. Eradicating the prevailing evil practices, customs and traditions it is essential that people should develop a scientific temper.

They must develop a rational attitude, a love for learning, and use their talents and resources for reforming and developing the society. The increasing recourse to violent means, involving the destriction of public property in the post-independence era, ahs made it essential for us to realize the futility and harm that befell our society from such antisocial activities.

The constitution lays down that it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to shun violence and to protect public property. No society, no county and no state can progress without the willing and devotional efforts of the people.

The people must be motivated to develop their facilities and achieve excellence in all spheres of Human activity.

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The constitution makes it a fundamental duty of the people to work for attaining all round excellence. This amendment has made it a fundamental duty fo parents to send their children to school.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The Reality Of Human Rights. The Constitution of India as adopted in provides certain rights to its citizens known as the Fundamental Rights (Part-3, article ).

Influence of Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Indian Constitution. Nov 29, Part III of the Indian Constitution enumerates the Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens. FREE Rights & responsibilities Essay.

Civil Rights Essay on rights and responsibilities of citizens in english Rights and Responsibilities Below you will find rights and duties of citizens essay several rights and responsibilities that all citizens should . The Constitution of India has granted some fundamental rights to her Citizens.

there are seven in number, such as; (1) right to equality, (2) right to freedom, (3) right against exploitation, (4) right to freedom of religion, (5) cultural and education rights, (6) right to property and (7) right to .

human rights and the indian constitution 61 fundamental duties and human rights 76 political rights and human rights 77 institutional framework and human rights 78 judiciary and human rights 80 media and human rights 88 3 11 some other neasures of protection kings and citizens, men and momen.

hurnan rights . When someone feels that his fundamental rights are being harmed in any way or he is being denied the fundamental rights, he can approach any court of law to seek justice.

Supreme Court is the highest court of the country and is the guardian of our fundamental rights. Our Duties. Rights and duties go side by side. Rights without duties are meaningless. Sanskrit on fundamental rights in a good citizen of the fundamental duties of india today have also spells out fundamental rights and muslim citizens.

Fundamental rights and duties of india. Custom essay has a living election for the constitution of government of indian constitution which inspired the constitution talks about fundamental.

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