Human recourses essay

Improvisation and clear understanding of the current management trends and practices: To begin with, one of the most important factors that affect the performance of an organization is the Human resource. The development of organizational commitmentso as to improve the productivity and performance needs effective human resource management practices.

Human recourses essay

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Human resources Human Resource is the most important asset for any organization and it is very useful in getting flying colours in competition. Managing Human Resource is quite challenging as compared to managing technology or capital of a management system, so a management must require an effective management system which is achieved by effective management practice.

Human resources are capable of converting the other resources, like, money, machine, methods and material into output like products or services. The effective management of human resources requires sound Human Resource Management system. Storey defines HRM as a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to obtain competitive advantage.

HRM can help firms improve organizational behavior in such areas as staff commitment competency and flexibility, which in turn leads to improved staff performance Koch Human recourses essay McGrath Fortune magazine November 1.

Top managers keep stick to traditional managerial ways, there initiative is always resist by the work force. Managers lack in seeing the obstacles coming the way in the coming future. Managers rely on present excessive debt they took assuming of running business alike in the future too which may not likely happened some times.

The glue sticks and sticks: The traditional way of strength becomes a hindrance in innovation. These hindrances cannot be avoided without managing people well.

Every person who works in organizations plays a role in managing people. This is true for those of you who wish to create, manage, and lead future organizations. One pattern in these changes is the increasing importance of people issues that require managers to understand how people contribute to organizational success.

Organizations have always strived to provide value to their constituents, to survive, and to adapt. Charles Handy, a leading business futurist, suggests that key challenges facing future managers include: Shorter and more intensive work lives, the demise of corporate pension plans, motivating employees in the manner of not-for-profit organizations, loyalty to the team rather than to the organization, and increasing responsibility for education beyond schools Fortune, Managers who master these trends will significantly affect their success in an increasingly global and volatile world.

Reengineering efforts have often proceeded from an operational or financial model, resulting in enlarging the work of employees, cutting entire administrative processes, and generally finding ways to do more with less Business Revolution, Astounding returns are possible, but so are increasing work loads, and wrenching decisions about who stays and who must go Robert W.

They treat people like raw material. Employee ownership is nothing new.

Human recourses essay

It was the original organizational design. Families owned and ran the means to produce food and shelter. Classic business theory suggests that firms exist to enhance shareholder value, but the notion of ownership is changing, as more organizations provide stock to employees.

Some organizations have become fully employee-owned. When employees own the company, human resource management issues become stockholder issues.

Managers aspiring to lead such organizations must understand human resource management as a fundamental business discipline, and integrate it with other business disciplines. But there was one piece of the puzzle missing: Our labor costs were not competitive.Human Resource Management Essay The initial review looks at HRM as a whole and the theories that surround this, often over-looked, subject.

Specifically, I want to look at how the HRM. Essay Paper on Human Resource Management Human resource management (HRM) is very important in the workplace it maintains a healthy work environment and encourages, motivates people so they can enjoy their jobs and keep it interesting. - HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGES 2 The Challenges with Human Resource Departments In today's workforce, the job of a manager for a human resource department faces many challenges and act as the mediator for the employees, organizations, and other stakeholder needs are to be addressed on issues related to laws, policies, and interpersonal skills, managing personnel issues, and setting an .

´╗┐Strategic Human Resource Management Lo 1: Understand how the strategic management of human resources contributes to the achievement of organization objectives.

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic human resource management is the process of integrating human resources function with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Briefly summarise the HRPM (i.e. the 2 core professional areas, the remaining professional areas, the bands and the behaviours) comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or other identified).

- Human resource practices According to the (B), Human resource management consists of those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the people of an organization.

Some activities involve determining human resource needs, assisting in designing work systems, recruiting, selecting, training and development etc.

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