Jcs assessment 2

Some existing health threats will intensify and new health threats will emerge.

Jcs assessment 2

Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. It should be the aim of the Allied Forces to accomplish the complete demilitarization of Germany in the shortest possible period of time after surrender.

The Design Approach

This means completely disarming the German Army and people including the removal or destruction of all war materialthe total destruction of the whole German armament industry, and the removal or destruction of other key industries which are basic to military strength.

Poland should get that part of East Prussia which does not go to the USSR and the southern portion of Silesia as indicated on the attached map, Appendix A France should get the Saar and the adjacent territories bounded by the Rhine and the Moselle rivers. As indicated in part 3 an International zone should be created containing the Ruhr and the surrounding industrial areas.

There shall be a custom union between the new South German state and Austria, which will be restored to her pre political borders.

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The Ruhr, surrounding industrial areas, as shown on the attached map, including the Rhineland, the Kiel Canaland all German territory north of the Kiel Canal. Here lies the heart of German industrial power, the cauldron of wars. This area should not only be stripped of all presently existing industries but so weakened and controlled that it can not in the foreseeable future become an industrial area.

The following steps will accomplish this: Within a short period, if possible not longer than 6 months after the cessation of hostilities, all industrial plants and equipment not destroyed by military action shall either be completely dismantled and removed from the area or completely destroyed.

All equipment shall be removed from the mines and the mines shall be thoroughly wrecked. It is anticipated that the stripping of this area would be accomplished in three stages: The military forces immediately upon entry into the area shall destroy all plants and equipment which cannot be removed.

Jcs assessment 2

Removal of plants and equipment by members of the United Nations as restitution and reparation Paragraph 4. All plants and equipment not removed within a stated period of time, say 6 months, will be completely destroyed or reduced to scrap and allocated to the United Nations.

All people within the area should be made to understand that this area will not again be allowed to become an industrial area. Accordingly, all people and their families within the area having special skills or technical training should be encouraged to migrate permanently from the area and should be as widely dispersed as possible.

The area should be made an international zone to be governed by an international security organization to be established by the United Nations.

In governing the area the international organization should be guided by policies designed to further the above stated objectives. Reparations, in the form of recurrent payments and deliveries, should not be demanded. Restitution and reparation shall be effected by the transfer of existing German resources and territories, e.

The memorandum drafted by Churchill provided for "eliminating the warmaking industries in the Ruhr and the Saar Stimson saying that a US occupation policy which anticipated that "Germany is to be restored just as much as the Netherlands or Belgium " was excessively lenient.

A better policy would have the Germans "fed three times a day with soup from Army soup kitchens" so "they will remember that experience the rest of their lives.Scottish usage did not spread widely or rapidly.

In the normal course of events, once a useful concept is introduced, the term is elaborated, invested with specific meanings, and articulated as part of the technical terminology.

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The Joint Staff and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are all on various social media sites.

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PLAN ASSESSMENT AND EXECUTION. EPA's Endangered Species Protection Program helps promote recovery of listed species. The ESPP determines if pesticide use in a geographic area may affect any listed species.

Find needed limits on pesticide use in Endangered Species Protection Bulletins.

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