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Yet many of these organizations have been criticized in recent years for their enormous influence on American politics, whether by endorsing candidates, funding political ads, or in lobbying for legislation favorable to their interests. There are thousands of such advocacy groups today in the U. We took a look at a number of factors, including membership numbers, finances and history, to rate the top 10 most influential special interest groups in the U. Some believe the organization that helped stop lynching and racial segregation should also become a relic of the past.

Powerful interest

October 24, Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle. Supervisors Jane Kim and Scott Wiener, shown debating in April, are in a tight race for a coveted state Senate seat, and major contributions are being filtered through committees. Wiener, the moderate, has a more than 2-to-1 financial edge in direct contributions and heavy support from independent expenditure committees.

Those committees, which cannot coordinate their efforts with candidates, can raise and spend unlimited amounts Powerful interest money for political purposes. But if anything, the state Senate race shows just how difficult it can be to trace the source of political money.

Major contributions are routinely filtered through Powerful interest and three committees before the money is finally spent in the form of television ads, slate mailers or robocalls. As of mid-October, it had spent more than any other committee in the race. The main source of funding for Equality California appears to be an unlikely ally: California Secretary of State Data are from Oct.

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As of mid-October, roughly 68 percent of his campaign contributions had come from ZIP codes within District 11, compared with 41 percent for Kim. Some of that comes from employees at the New York cosmetics company Kiss, where her father is chief financial officer. Of the outside money backing Wiener, the easiest to trace is from Conway.

Some of the biggest donors are hidden behind a web of committees.

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The link between the charter schools and Wiener is not accidental. Wiener has the greater ability to effect positive growth for students in San Francisco and not be a proponent of status quo agendas.

Kim believes developers can and should rent a quarter of all new units at below-market prices. Wiener wants the city to do a study before committing to a percentage.

He is more supportive of market-rate development to build up housing stock and bring down prices. Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, said his group sought donations after making it clear that its priority is getting Wiener elected.

Wiener, meanwhile, has criticized Kim for ties to the American Beverage Association.

Powerful interest

Through a committee known as No on V, Enough is Enough: Those groups in turn have spent that money on slate mailers, which urge a no vote on Proposition V — and prominently feature Kim as a champion of affordable housing.Short Interest plays a powerful impact on the order flows that can surge into the market.

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Powerful interest

powerful interest groups, mostly representing the business sector, have held great influence over Texas government How important is the role of providing information for lobbyists? very important, as lobbyists have expertise on . BOB DOUGHTY: Welcome to THE MAKING OF A NATION -- American history in VOA Special English.

Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century. It. •Does the power in our American democracy reside with the people, political elites or with powerful interest groups?

Expert Answer The power in the american democracy resides more with powerful interest groups,less in political elites a. From the eight-hour workday to social safety nets such as Medicare, we owe many of the rights we take for granted to the work of special interest groups.

Some American lobbies are so powerful that U.S. politicians cringe in fear, knowing that standing up for the broader national interest would be career-threatening, a reality most notable on issues.

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