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November 7, As some reviewers have said, this is probably the most comprehensive AI textbook on the market. The "pros" of the book have been covered pretty well by other reviewers, so I'll limit my review to some of the things that bug me about the book.

Pseudocode help writing thank

Despite many requests for a grayscale demonstration, I have held off coding anything until I could really present something unique.

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To my knowledge, this is the only project on the Internet that presents seven unique grayscale conversion algorithms, and at least two of the algorithms — custom of grayscale shades with and without dithering — were written from scratch for this very article.

So without further ado, here are seven unique ways to convert a full-color image to grayscale. Grayscale — An Introduction Black and white or monochrome photography dates back to the midth century. Despite the eventual introduction of color photography, monochromatic photography remains popular.

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If anything, the digital revolution has actually increased the popularity of monochromatic photography because any digital camera is capable of taking black-and-white photographs whereas analog cameras required the use of special monochromatic film.

It tends to abstract the subject, allowing the photographer to focus on form and interpretation instead of simply reproducing reality. Because the terminology black-and-white is imprecise — black-and-white photography actually consists of many shades of gray — this article will refer to such images as grayscale.

Several other technical terms will be used throughout my explanations. The first is color space. A color space is a way to visualize a shape or object that represents all available colors. Different ways of representing color lead to different color spaces.

I will also refer frequently to color channels. Most digital images are comprised of three separate color channels: Layering these channels on top of each other creates a full-color image.

Different color models have different channels sometimes the channels are colors, sometimes they are other values like lightness or saturationbut this article will primarily focus on RGB channels.

pseudocode help writing thank

How all grayscale algorithms fundamentally work All grayscale algorithms utilize the same basic three-step process: So, when you see a formula like this: This bright, colorful promo art for The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be used to demonstrate each of our seven unique grayscale algorithms.

This formula generates a reasonably nice grayscale equivalent, and its simplicity makes it easy to implement and optimize look-up tables work quite well. However, this formula is not without shortcomings — while fast and simple, it does a poor job of representing shades of gray relative to the way humans perceive luminosity brightness.

For that, we need something a bit more complex. If you look closely, you can see a horizontal line running across the center of the image.

The top half the average method is more washed-out than the bottom half.The following is the pseudocode that I write for my program.

I want to know is the format correct or not? Could you please correct me if there is any mistake. Thank you. My email is. Write heading line Input the amount of Annual Income Input the amount of Donation Sine X - pseudocode help. DISCLAIMER: These download files are regularly scanned to ensure they remain free from malicious content.

Unfortunately, some virus scanners will flag files as suspicious simply because they contain source code and/or executable files.

Question Examine the pseudocode sample provided, and explain what it does line by line for example ''PART ONE" PART ONE: Description: This logic applies a.

pseudocode help writing thank

Aug 27,  · Algorithm using Flowchart and Pseudo code Level 1 Flowchart By: Yusuf Shakeel Things we . Interview question for Senior Software Engineer in Mountain View, pseudo code for a Binary Search tree.

A Pseudocode is a low-level language that represents a problem solution using a combination of English & Math operators to define each step in the above algorithm. k Views · View Upvoters Thank you for your feedback!

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