Rupesh silwal thesis

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Rupesh silwal thesis

Leave a comment A new result from the Qweak experiment at the U. This result, published recently in Naturealso constrains possibilities for new particles and forces beyond our present knowledge. The Qweak experiment has set new standards in precision tests of the Standard Model, a highly successful theory of fundamental particles and their interactions.

It directly probed the physics only reached at the highest energy particle accelerators. Other MIT contributors to the work included postdocs W. Fang Gao, a physics graduate student, analyzed Qweak data for her PhD thesis.

Several MIT undergraduates also worked on many aspects of this experiment.

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While the weak force is difficult to observe directly, its influence can be felt in our everyday world. These two interactions are closely related in the Standard Model, which describes the electromagnetic and weak forces as two different aspects of a single force that interacts with subatomic particles.

Rupesh silwal thesis

This turns out to be in excellent agreement with predictions of the Standard Model, which takes into account all known subatomic particles and the forces that act on them.

Hallman, associate director for nuclear physics of the U. Department of Energy Office of Science. Kowalski had management responsibilities for the project, as a co-spokesperson. MIT also made very significant contributions to Qweak in two technical areas.

Engineers and technicians at the MIT-Bates Laboratory designed, assembled, and tested the large toroidal magnetic spectrometer, QTOR, which directed the scattered electrons to the detectors.

Engineers and technicians also designed and built the Compton Polarimeter magnets and beamline, used to measure the polarization of the electron beam.

An experiment such as Qweak is a superb training ground for future scientists and engineers. As such, MIT postdocs and students managed data acquisition efforts and data analysis. Kowalski says, "Qweak provides a very precise measurement of the weak charge of the proton, probing interesting new physics at the highest energies.

The experiment was funded by the U. Department of Energy Office of Science, the National Science Foundation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, with matching and in-kind contributions from a number of the collaborating institutions.

The MIT effort was funded by a grant from the U.Rupesh Silwal, PhD Page 2 of 3! • Ensured efficient data collection by testing and quantifying the data acquisition systems’ dead-time, data transfer rate and efficiency, and the synchronization among various data acquisition sub-systems.

• Maximized experimental run-time with prompt diagnosis and resolution of intermittent issues with the data acquisition software and hardware systems.

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Rupesh Silwal, Abdurahim Rakhman, Megan Friend. depolarized. As part of this thesis, a new target design was developed and tested.

In this design, gas is rapidly mixed between the two chambers through convection. By tagging gas inside the cell using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques, we were able to visualize the ow of gas.

OhmyNews citizen reporter Rupesh Silwal interviewed Ian Martin about discrimination based on caste, which is so prevalent in Nepal.

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Ian Martin is a personal representative of the U.N. secretary-general in Nepal in support of the peace process. View the profiles of people named Rupesh Silwal. Join Facebook to connect with Rupesh Silwal and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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