Similarities and differences between the baby boomers and generation y

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Similarities and differences between the baby boomers and generation y

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Generation X is generally used to refer to people born in the 60s and 70s. Both generations are characterized by a disaffected attitude and general disdain for everything that came before.

Xers' hatred of Boomers can be seen everywhere from politics to music; they transformed rock n'roll from cutesy swinging to angry screaming and brought punk, metal, and grunge into the world.

Similarities and differences between the baby boomers and generation y

As individuals, Gen Xers are known for being nihilistic and cynical, and this is certainly understandable considering that they came of age just in time to experience the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, a series of economic crises, and the AIDS epidemic, just to name a few.

Nomads may be hell-raisers as youths, but as they move into middle age they have a growing sense of responsibility to fix the mistakes that the previous generation made in society. Gen X leaders of which we have a notable example in our own President Obama are pragmatic, cunning, and hard to fool; they've seen it all and aren't much for bullshit.

Generation Y is used to refer to people born in the 80s and 90s.

Striking similarities: millennials and baby boomers | MultiView

Their archetype is the Hero generation, an honor they share with the "G. Generation" who fought WWII. Compared to Xers they practically led a charmed life; their parents had ready access to birth control, so they were generally wanted, nurtured children.

They were more sheltered by society then their predecessors and their family units were more stable.


Helicopter parents and soccer moms are a ubiquitous sight for children of this generation. Gen Y is sometimes known as the Peter Pan Generation because childhood was so good to them that they have a tendency to delay adulthood.

Similarities and differences between the baby boomers and generation y

But when they do come of age, Heroes earn their name. They are more orthodox in their approach than Nomads and as policy-makers they may be downright conventional, but they are united by a deep-seated idealism and desire to save the world.

Looking at something like climate change or global recession, a Millennial won't blame the past but look forward to the solutions of the future. More questions on Quora:Jun 16,  · Mencl and Lester recently conducted research on what generations’ value in the workplace, which indicated there are consistent similarities among Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y employees currently in the workforce.

Among research variables used to represent work values, Mencl and Lester’s findings suggested that 5/5(21). 8 Differences Between Boomers and Millennials. Millennials are rejecting the lifestyles of their parents, just like the baby boomers did.

Workplace Warfare: Baby Boomers, Gen X And Gen Y the Baby Boomers think Generation X needs a stronger work ethic, Recognising and understanding generational differences can help everyone learn to work together more effectively and transform your workplace from a generation war zone to an age-diverse and productive Elissa Collier.

Generations in the Workplace: Similarities and Differences. Jeffery G. Harber Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, Xers, Millennials, Workplace.

Striking similarities: millennials and baby boomers | MultiView

2 differences between the four generations in areas such as personal goals, dedication to. Millennials – born between and ; Generation X – born between and ; Baby Boomers – born between and ; Because we are in the middle of holiday season users’ behaviors are more analyzed than with other occasions.

For Baby Boomers, the Benjamins stay in the bank, rarely seeing the light of day.

Segments are defined for this study as: Generation Y (also known as “Millennials”, born between and ); Generation X (born between the and ); and Baby Boomers (born between. NEW YORK — Although the most common discussions around Millennials and Baby Boomers in the workplace often involve phrases such as "bridging the gap" or “coping with differences,” these two. Generational Differences: Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Generation Y Comparison Generations grow up with different beliefs and perspectives. The conditions of the economy, the state of the world, technology, and social trends all impact the overall behavior of the generation.

They rarely pull money from the bank, and when they do, they try to withdraw as little as possible.

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