The right to vote for prisoners essay

Search This house would allow prisoners to vote Many countries restrict the right of those sentenced to imprisonment to vote in elections. In Australia, prisoners are only entitled to vote if they are serving a sentence of less than three years. Eighteen European states, including Spain, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland, place no formal prohibition on prisoners voting.

The right to vote for prisoners essay

Submit Prisoners Shouldn't Vote!!! We already have many examples in society where we don't "treat people equally" based on age, medical conditions, gender, etc. The government has laws setting out who I can and can't marry.

The right to vote for prisoners essay

I can't marry that is already married, I can't marry my relative, I can't marry someone under a certain age, I can't marry multiple people, etc, etc. So people have restrictions regarding marriage. We also have restrictions on things like driving and flying We don't let blind people drive or fly.

For the safety of everyone else, we put restrictions on those activities. In the same way we put restrictions on prisoners. Knowing that if you have 10 people you probably have 10 different views.

Some very liberal all the way to some very conservative. So if I were a prisoner and given the right to vote Would I vote for the VERY liberal candidate who is more likely to treat me better or would I vote for the more conservative candidate, who would be more strict Any one being honest with themselves knows that answer I gave a silly example to help my daughter understand this Would I vote for a candidate who would pass laws that allowed 20 foot fences with razor wire and electrified or would I vote for the candidate that would only build a small 6 foot fence.

So to give them voting rights would allow them to impact not just their treatment, but ALL the laws governing their imprisonment.

The more relaxed the laws are the greater the risk to the general publicThis essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Should Prisoners Have The Right To Vote. The statutory rights of prisoners Statutory rights are rights in statute lawspassed in Parliament. The Correctional Services Actsets out the rights of prisoners and the rules that the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) must follow in running the prisons under its control.

Yes, they should. Prisoners are under the care of the government and so should possibly have more of a right to vote than people OUTSIDE of prisons. The Ministry of Justice included a history of prisoners’ voting rights as Appendix B to its second consultation paper on the issue published in April 1.

The provisions governing prisoners’ disenfranchisement reflect, in part, the. The Friday Cover is POLITICO Magazine's email of the week's best, delivered to your inbox every Friday morning.

The right to vote for prisoners essay

For one, our constitutional ideals support the right of prisoners to vote, and. But why should they should automatically have their right to vote removed too?

I can see the argument for not allowing long-term prisoners and those with life sentences the vote. But the majority of prisoners are serving short sentences and, at the time of any general election, most of them will be released before any subsequent election and.

The Right to Vote