Writing and typing aids for arthritis

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Writing and typing aids for arthritis

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By audicus Do you ever hear funny noises inside your ear? Maybe a crackling noise, or a sudden popping. We are here to shed some light on those mysterious ear noises! Wax Worries Many people in America suffer the annoyance of too much earwax.

If you have this problem, you know that a buildup of earwax can cause ear aches, itchiness, and decreased hearing. In some cases, too much earwax can even cause odd noises in your ear, like a ringing or buzzing noise.

This is especially true if the wax if touching your eardrum, which creates pressure and changes how the eardrum vibrates. This is a form of tinnitusand can be treated by a doctor who can remove the excess wax.

Tube Troubles The Eustachian tube is a small passageway from your inner ear to the back of your nose, and plays an important part in the hearing process.

Every time you swallow, yawn, or blow your nose, the Eustachian tube opens and allows air to pass from the middle of your ear to the back of your nose.

This process equalizes the pressure in our ears, and prevents the eardrum from bulging in or out too much. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction can be caused by large adenoids, allergies, or a cold. This dysfunction can cause crackling or popping noises in our ears. The tube is lined with moist mucosa, and inflamed Eustachian tubes often get sticky, which causes the crackling and popping noises when the tubes are moving around.

If the inflammation is serious, it can be easily treated with steroid nasal sprays. Muscle Madness Did you know you have several tiny muscles in your ears? One of the muscles is called the tensor tympani muscle, and serves many functions.

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This muscle reacts to loud, sudden sounds, and reduce the volume of these sounds to protect your inner ear from noise damage. A small amount of the population can actually control this muscle at will, and create a low rumbling sound in their ear—similar to the sound that is sometimes produced when you yawn deeply—by tensing the tensor tympani muscle.

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writing and typing aids for arthritis

This thumping noise is called pulsatile tinnitus, and you may notice that the pulse matches your heart beat. There are several different causes for this thumping ear noise. Change in blood flow is the most common cause; blood flowing more quickly or more turbulently than normal can cause thumping noises.

Exercise, pregnancy, and overactive thyroids can all causes these blood flow changes. Most of the time this thumping noise is normal and does not require treatmentbut if it is often and bothersome, you should report it to your doctor.

However, if any of these ear noises lead to pain or are distracting you from normal life, be sure to speak with a doctor about treatment!Jan 05,  · Having a hard time writing your classified ad?

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writing and typing aids for arthritis

Sep 26,  · Time doesn’t just exist “out there” ticking away from past to future, but rather is an emergent property that depends on the observer.

Can Arthritis Gloves Help? My favorite assistive device for writing with RA is my arthritis gloves. I wear them when writing and typing, as the compression offers me joint support and minimizes my pain.

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